Traditional Hand-Stitched Made-to-Measure Coir Doormat

Coir matting made to measure is the best way to get the perfect doormat.

Customise a coir doormat with your measurements, choice of thickness and you can even add personalisation too.

5 thicknesses available for your traditional coir matting: 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm & 45mm.

Traditional hand-stitched coir doormats made by our craftsman in our Suffolk workshop.

Order yours by clicking below and visiting our sister site with a simple and easy order system which allows you to add all of your measurements and any personalisation. This will immediately calculate a cost for your traditional hand-stitched made-to-measure coir door mat.

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Traditional Hand-Stitched Made-to-Measure Coir Doormats

Coir Matting Made to Measure

Traditional hand-stitched made-to-measure coir doormats are perfect for fulfilling all of your requirements. Our made to measure coir matting offers you the possibility to customise a doormat to your specifications. Create your own traditional coir door mat in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter your desired size and choose a mat thickness. Also, you can personalise your traditional coir doormat. We offer the opportunity to add text and a motif to your doormat.

Custom-Made Traditional Hand-Stitched Coir Doormat Information

  • 5 thicknesses available: 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Custom-made
  • Hand-stitched by our craftsman in our Suffolk warehouse
  • Personalisation optional (text and/or a motifs)
  • Shaped mats are possible if a template is supplied

Our traditional coir door mats are perfect for use around the home, office and more. The customised doormats are fantastic for use in mat wells. They are available in 5 different thicknesses. We have something to suit everybody’s needs. Please note our traditional made to measure doormats are only suitable for indoor use only. This is due to the fact that coir is a natural product which comes from the outer shell of coconuts. Therefore it is natural and biodegradable product.

The Traditional Hand-Stitched Coir Doormat Ordering Service

Ordering your traditional hand-stitched doormat could not be easier. In order to create your made to measure doormat visit our sister site by clicking here. On our sister site, Doormats4You, all you have to do input your required mat dimensions and choose a mat thickness. Also, it will provide you with the opportunity to add personalisation to your doormat. You can personalise your doormat with text, one of the motifs or both.

Making and Printing Your Custom Size Coir Doormat

All of our made to measure coir door mats are hand-stitched and hand sprayed by us in our Suffolk workshop. Firstly, we start with plain coir matting on 30m x 2m rolls. By hand we cut out and stitch the coir matting to to your specified size. Finally, we print onto any personalisation. To personalise the doormat we hand spray them by using black ink and stencils.

View our standard sized personalised coir doormats by clicking here.

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